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LookPro Helps you create more than Just beautiful CVs & resumes, We help create a professional online presence that puts you above the rest.

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Chance a traditional cover letter will be read
5.7 sec
Average time an employer takes to look at your CV or resume
Of time recruiters spend on social networks searching for candidates
Average time an employer takes to look at your CV or resume

Show top recruiters Who you really are

Lookpro syncs with your most important social media profiles to showcase your skills, talent and personality that top recruiters are looking for.


Stay ahead of the competition

Traditional CVs and resumes are unappealing. LookPro’s professional profile allows you to attach images, videos, links and your social media clips to engage top recruiters in your field.


Get new opportunities knocking at your door

Job openings are time sensitive. LookPro instantly updates your online profile to increase your chances when such opportunity arises.

Communicate effectively with future employers

When you can’t use verbal or body language, your online profile is the next best thing for future
employers to evaluate.


CTA – Start shaping…


Get a glimpse of exciting new features in 2015-2016!

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Create, Share & Print

Complete your profile and choose to share it with friends, family or your business network. Simply print your profile, or save it as PDF.


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    “LookPro helped me get my work in front of some tough competition!”
    Alex Wang, Freelance Web Designer
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    “I had interviews with recruiters from top financial institutions!”
    Jari Saarela, Finance Manager

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If you have questions or would just like to say hello,
drop us an email below, we'd love to hear form you!


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